PRESENT YOUR Q.   Alexandra, Alex, Al.
AVL, NC. Undergraduate studying Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies + Anthropology.
I have enough ennui for weeks at a time, unless moonlight takes me by surprise in the quake of my underwear playground. I'm constantly undergoing a process of personal dissolution in the wake of modernity. Lack of motivation, sleight of manual coordination.


Amy Winehouse vs Paparazzi 2011.


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"In addition to 81 students, Little Singer Community School is also home to asbestos, mold and scores of mice. Students have to carry their seats from class to class, presumably because the school can’t afford chairs for each classroom."
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"The satisfaction that no longer comes from using the commodities produced in abundance is now sought through recognition of their value as commodities. Consumers are filled with religious fervor for the sovereign freedom of commodities whose use has become an end in itself. Waves of enthusiasm for particular products are propagated by all the communications media. A film sparks a fashion craze; a magazine publicizes night spots which in turn spin off different lines of products. The proliferation of faddish gadgets reflects the fact that as the mass of commodities becomes increasingly absurd, absurdity itself becomes a commodity. Trinkets such as key chains which come as free bonuses with the purchase of some luxury product, but which end up being traded back and forth as valued collectibles in their own right, reflect a mystical self-abandonment to commodity transcendence. Those who collect the trinkets that have been manufactured for the sole purpose of being collected are accumulating commodity indulgences — glorious tokens of the commodity’s real presence among the faithful. Reified people proudly display the proofs of their intimacy with the commodity. Like the old religious fetishism, with its convulsionary raptures and miraculous cures, the fetishism of commodities generates its own moments of fervent exaltation. All this is useful for only one purpose: producing habitual submission."
Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle (via sunrec)

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i’m sexy daria for halloween

i’m sexy daria for halloween

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feel like my brain has a cavity

feel like my brain has a cavity

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